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Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses for Daily and Extended Wear.

Advanced oxygen permeable hard contact lens of proven biocompatibility in control cells and nerves.

Menicon EX is specifically designed to allow both daily and extended wear up to seven days.

The lens design has been developed and proven through clinical trials to give tear exchange while maximizing comfort during wear.

The assurance of its safety has been thoroughly evaluated at a high level, especially at terms of its biocompatibility with the cornea and surrounding area.

Menicon EX can be prescribed with confidence to patients for extended wear up to seven days.

  • Easy handling

    The lens is tinted blue. Even if you drop it by accident, it’s easy to find it with the blue handling tint.

  • Enjoy sports

    No hassle without glasses; enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

  • Comfortable design

    The lens design allows tear exchange between the lens and the cornea and keeps the lens combortable during wear.

  • Supply sufficient oxygen to your eyes Dk: 64

    Under the supervision of your eye care practitioner, you can wear the lens for extended wear up to 7 days.

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